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How much does Facebook Marketing cost?

Successful Facebook advertising campaigns can cost as little as $5 per day ad spend. Campaigns are set with either a lifetime or daily budget allowing accurate cost controls suited to your online advertising appetite and our recommendations. You can choose to either pay per click or for impressions (how many times your ad is seen). Set up costs for Facebook ads vary based on the level of ad design, copywriting, landing page edits and conversion tracking required to achieve your goals.

Get in touch with our digital advertising agency today to find out more.

Should I use a Facebook Ads agency?

Yes, we definitely think so. A Facebook ads agency such as IT UPSIDER will assist your business by doing the heavy lifting. With years of expertise up our sleeve to advise you on how to create the perfect Facebook ad creative paired with a sound digital strategy to generate growth.

If you’re ready to partner with IT UPSIDER agency and get your brand ad accounts humming you can talk with our team of digital marketing experts here.

What is a Facebook pixel?

The FB ‘pixel’ is a few short lines of code that you copy into the header section of your website (don’t worry we can do this for you). This code allows the ‘pixel’ to receive information about the actions taken on your site to make your Facebook/Instagram ads more relevant to your audience and allows accurate conversion/sales tracking.

Do Facebook Ads provide a good return on investment (ROI)?

Facebook ads can definitely provide a strong positive ROI. Some of the biggest and most well-known companies use Facebook ads and on the flip side, they can work just as well for small businesses. Facebook ads provide the best ROI when used at the bottom of the funnel, this is the last stage of the marketing process when potential leads (Facebook users) are making the final decision to buy from you or a competitor. 

Your potential ROI relies on a number of factors including the strength of the creative, budget, industry and audience targeting. To kick off your successful Facebook campaigns and increase sales get in touch with IT UPSIDER Agency today.

Can Facebook marketing help grow your business?

Yes, Facebook marketing can assist with growing just about any business.

However, the type of Facebook advertising you should be doing depends on your business goals. Facebook ads paired with a sound strategy from a marketing agency can really excel in growing your business in these areas:

– Building brand awareness with your target market
– Attracting new customers
– Promoting products and services

Can I just boost a post?

You can!!! but boosted posts give Facebook increased control of your targeting and placements which can lead to budget being ‘burnt’ with lackluster results. For a solid revenue growth strategy and best outcomes for your brand we recommended enlisting the help of a digital marketing agency and running ‘complete’ campaigns through the ads manager interface.

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